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The certification program LOT-847 mainly targets the lotus notes system administration fundamental. This certification is absolutely necessary to those candidates whose career is based on lotus notes application. The exam is essentially a multiple choice type. The topics would cover all key competency areas like installation and configuration of lotus notes, mail feature, platform support, security, db2 integration enhancement. Installing covers various topics like client provisioning, directory services, port configuration. Mail topics would cover creating domino named network, mail topology, server command, planning of mail topology. Managing and looking after would cover topics like defining directory terminology, monitoring server status, viewing server configuration documents etc. Platform support would cover topics like defining attributes. Another important topic will be the security and this would involve controlling admin rights, encryption techniques etc. The total quantity of questions asked inside LOT-847 exam is around exam duration is about 90 minutes which is a minimum of necessary to have a score of 75% to be able to pass test. There are a total of 62 scored items and 5 unscored items.

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There was a definite line that basically stood out in my opinion: Betting on change is definitely the safest bet available. That describes life perfectly, it describes work in Information Technology perfectly at the same time. There is no field in the world containing the and never-ending changes that IT does. And every single one of us looks as of this as a massive chance for personal and professional growth.

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If you have expertise with skill and sound knowledge and passed this certification exam what you can do will probably be greatly honored by experienced employers across the world. This exam certification has very high industry value especially in IT field. IBM has global presence and also the exam certification has wide acceptance worldwide especially in IT industry. This fact further enhances industry worth of this exam certification.